Leah Matson, PhD

Leah Matson has a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from USC. She is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist practicing personal counseling for individuals and couples / families in Santa Monica, CA. She is available for telephone consultations and coaching. She also practices Neurofeedback.

Leah specializes in relationship enhancement, PTSD, problem solving, creative living, artistic blocks and working in the entertainment industry. She is a CEU provider for MFT and LCSW, and teaches psychology and creative process at Antioch University in Los Angeles.

Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback

In my years as a psychotherapist I have always felt that something was missing that could not be touched by talk therapy. Neurofeedback has answered that call and the combination is dynamite.

What is Neurofeedback?
Neurofeedback is brain exercise. We observe your brain in action from moment to moment by monitoring your brainwaves. We show you your brain activity and we help you change it by rewarding shifts toward a more functional and stable brain state. It is a gradual learning process.

How Can You Help Me?

Blockbusting Workshops

When the voice of the soul is blocked we may struggle mightily to free ourselves. In our imaginations we can create inspired homelands, but then we hide them in journals, mask them with social roles, speak in code.

Much remains secret, lost before translation, unsaid, unheard even by ourselves. How do we break through that silence, that hiding?

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Synchronicity Card Deck

Root Metaphor Synchronicity Card DeckHere are the tools mentioned in the workshops that help shift perception and guide you to a new vision. Root Metaphors are word pictures of the central organizing ideas of our beliefs and theories. Often to open our minds to new perceptions asks for a new language, a new vantage point. Using simple card spreads can help open your insight and provide a new lens.

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